Unique Hudson Valley Wedding Venues You Need to See!

Introduction to the Beauty and Allure of the Hudson Valley for Weddings

Hudson Valley, with its breathtaking landscapes and charming historic towns, is swiftly becoming the premier destination for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding. Nestled amid rolling hills and lush greenery, this region seamlessly blends natural beauty, rich history, and modern elegance, crafting the perfect setting for your special day. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or planning a destination wedding, explore unique Hudson Valley wedding venues sure to provide an ideal backdrop that will make your celebration truly enchanting. Discover why love thrives in the heart of this captivating region!

Current Wedding Trends – A Shift Toward Unique and Personalized Venues

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in wedding trends. Couples are moving away from traditional banquet halls and opting for unique, personalized venues that reflect their personalities and love stories. This trend has led to a rise in demand for distinctive locations that offer more than just a pretty view. Hudson Valley is home to many such venues, each offering a unique charm and character that can transform your wedding into an unforgettable experience.

Our Favorite Unique Hudson Valley Wedding Venues


Indoor reception at the beautiful L'Orangerie greenhouse.
Photo by L’Orangerie

L’Orangerie is one of the newest additions to the Hudson Valley wedding scene. This venue stands out with its elegant Victorian glasshouse structure, surrounded by lush gardens and breathtaking views. The ambiance here is both romantic and sophisticated, making it perfect for couples looking for a timeless setting.

Website: L’Orangerie

Address: 3725 County Route 26, Greenville, NY 12083

Guest Capacity: Up to 200

Hudson Hall

Charming and historic Hudson Hall in Hudson Valley.
Photo by Robert Umenhofer

Hudson Hall is a historic venue that combines old-world charm with contemporary amenities. Located in the heart of Hudson, this venue features beautiful architecture and versatile spaces that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Hudson Hall provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Website: Hudson Hall

Address: 327 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534

Guest Capacity: Up to 300

Audrey’s Farmhouse

Evening dinner reception in The Greenhouse at Audrey's Farmhouse wedding venue.
Photo by Tova Studios

For those desiring a cozy and intimate wedding, Audrey’s Farmhouse is an excellent choice. This charming venue offers overnight accommodations, allowing you and your guests to fully immerse yourselves in the wedding weekend. The Old Mill Guest House, with its rustic charm and beautiful surroundings, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s an ideal location for small to medium-sized weddings, providing a personal touch that other venues often lack.

Website: Audrey’s Farmhouse

Address: 2187 Bruynswick Rd, Wallkill, NY 12589

Guest Capacity: Up to 200

Gather Greene

Drone photo of Gather Greene property in Hudson Valley, NY.
Photo by Gather Greene

Gather Greene is a unique venue that blends natural beauty with modern design. Situated on a sprawling estate, this venue offers dramatic landscapes and versatile event spaces, including a pavilion and multiple outdoor areas. The minimalist design and serene environment make Gather Greene a perfect choice for couples seeking a contemporary setting and connection with nature.

Website: Gather Greene

Address: 176 Levett Road, Coxsackie, NY 12051

Guest Capacity: Up to 250

M&D Farm

Newlywed couple poses in front of a rustic barn.
Photo by Nicole Nero

M&D Farm is a picturesque venue that offers a blend of rustic and elegant elements. The farm features beautifully landscaped European gardens, a charming barn, and several outdoor spaces perfect for a romantic ceremony and reception. The serene atmosphere and stunning scenery make M&D Farm an ideal location for a country-chic wedding.

Website: M & D Farm

Address: 364 NY-143, Westerlo, NY 12193

Guest Capacity: Up to 150

Basilica Hudson

Wedding reception inside the 19th century factory at Basilica Hudson.
Photo by Basilica Hudson

Basilica Hudson is a unique industrial venue that stands out with its raw and artistic vibe. Located in a repurposed 19th-century factory, this venue offers a blank canvas for couples to create their dream wedding. The expansive space and exposed brick walls provide a distinctive backdrop for a stylish and modern celebration.

Website: Basilica Hudson

Address: 110 Front Street, Hudson Valley, NY

Guest Capacity: Up to 325

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Drone view of the historic stone barn at Blue Hill Farm.
Photo by Blue Hill Farm

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a renowned venue known for its farm-to-table dining experience and stunning surroundings. Set on a working farm, this venue offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. The farm’s beautiful gardens and historic stone buildings provide a picturesque setting for your wedding.

Website: Blue Hill

Address: 630 Bedford Rd, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Guest Capacity: Up to 260

The Rushmore Estate

Florals showcased for a wedding at Rushmore Estate in Hudson Valley, NY.
Photo by Nicole Nero

The Rushmore Estate is a luxurious venue that offers overnight accommodations, allowing you and your guests to enjoy a full weekend of celebration. This historic estate features pristine grounds, elegant interiors, and a warm atmosphere. The grandeur and sophistication of The Rushmore Estate make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a lavish and unforgettable wedding experience.

Website: Rushmore Estate

Address: 14 Castleton Dr, Highland Mills, NY 10930

Guest Capacity: Up to 150


Fog covered trees at the beautiful Inness resort.
Photo by Inness

Inness is a unique venue that combines captivating landscapes with contemporary amenities. This venue offers overnight accommodations, allowing you and your guests to relax and enjoy the outdoor activities. The serene surroundings and beautifully designed spaces make Inness an ideal location for a tranquil and elegant wedding.

Website: Inness

Address: 10 Banks St, Accord, NY 12404

Guest Capacity: Up to 200

Deer Mountain Inn

Cascading stone staircase to the Deer Mountain Inn.
Photo by Deer Mountain Inn

Deer Mountain Inn is a charming venue providing a cozy and intimate setting for your wedding. The inn is surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains, creating a magical atmosphere for your special day. The rustic charm and welcoming environment make Deer Mountain Inn a perfect choice for smaller, more intimate weddings.

Website: Deer Mountain Inn

Address: 790 Co Rd 25, Tannersville, NY 12485

Guest Capacity: Up to 75

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Unique Guest Experiences in Hudson Valley

1. Wine Tasting Tours

Explore the renowned vineyards and wineries of Hudson Valley. Take part in guided wine tasting tours and sample some of the finest local wines while enjoying scenic views.

2. Hot Air Balloon Rides

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Hudson Valley from above with a hot air balloon ride. This unique adventure offers stunning panoramic views, making it an unforgettable experience.

3. Historical Mansion Tours

Visit historic mansions like the Vanderbilt Mansion or the Staatsburgh State Historic Site. These tours provide a glimpse into the opulent lifestyles of America’s past aristocracy.

4. Scenic Hikes

Hudson Valley boasts numerous trails that cater to all levels of hikers. Popular trails include Breakneck Ridge, Storm King Mountain, and the Shawangunk Ridge. Enjoy the natural beauty and serene landscapes.

5. Art Galleries and Museums

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Hudson Valley by visiting local art galleries and museums. The Dia Beacon and the Storm King Art Center are must-see destinations for art enthusiasts.

6. Local Farmers’ Markets

Discover fresh, local produce and artisanal goods at the Hudson Valley farmers’ markets. These markets are an excellent way to experience the local flavors and community spirit.

7. Spa and Wellness Centers

For guests looking to relax and rejuvenate, Hudson Valley offers several top-notch spas and wellness centers. Enjoy a range of services from massages to holistic wellness treatments.

8. Craft Brewery Tours

Hudson Valley is home to a thriving craft beer scene. Take a tour of local breweries and sample a variety of unique, locally brewed beers.

9. River Cruises

Experience the scenic beauty of the Hudson River with a leisurely river cruise. These cruises offer a unique perspective of the valley and are perfect for relaxing and sightseeing.

10. Antique Shopping

For guests who love to hunt for treasures, Hudson Valley’s antique shops are a paradise. Explore a variety of shops selling everything from vintage furniture to unique collectibles.

Tips for Planning a Wedding in Hudson Valley

Planning a wedding involves many details, and choosing Hudson Valley as your destination adds some unique considerations. Here are some tips to help you plan your perfect Hudson Valley wedding:


Ensure your guests have a comfortable place to stay by booking blocks of rooms at nearby hotels or inns. Many of the venues mentioned above offer overnight accommodations, which can be a convenient option for your guests.

Local Vendors

Hudson Valley is home to many talented vendors, from florists and photographers to caterers and musicians. Research and book local vendors early to ensure you get the best services for your wedding.

Seasonal Considerations

Hudson Valley experiences all four seasons, each offering its own charm. Consider the weather and seasonal availability when planning your wedding. Spring and fall are particularly popular for their mild temperatures and beautiful foliage.

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Choosing a unique Hudson Valley wedding venue can transform your special day into an unforgettable experience. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and charming venues, the Hudson Valley offers a perfect backdrop for a wedding that reflects your personality and style. Explore these stunning venues and start planning your dream wedding today.

For more personalized assistance, contact our expert wedding planners who can help you curate a wedding that is truly one-of-a-kind. Reach out to The Main Event by Kelly Jeanmaire, a Hudson Valley Wedding Planner, for an amazing experience!