How To Tell If Your Vendor is LGBTQ+ Inclusive

How to tell if your vendor is LGBTQ+ inclusive | lesbian, same sex couple wedding. Two brides

They embrace LGBTQ+ representation on their website and social media channels!

Planning your dream wedding as a LGBTQ+ couple? It is crucial to ensure that your chosen vendors are not only supportive but experienced in catering to diverse love stories like yours! A key step in vetting vendors is to scrutinize their online presence, including their website, social media, and marketing materials. Look for visible LGBTQ+ representation and evidence of past work with LGBTQ+ couples. Your wedding should reflect your love story authentically, and selecting vendors who embrace diversity ensuring that every aspect of your celebration feels truly meaningful and inclusive.  

They employ clear gender-inclusive communication and wording

Planning your wedding as an LGBTQ+ couple means finding vendors who embrace inclusivity in every detail, including their language. True inclusivity extends beyond just words; it’s about making everyone feel seen and valued.
One telltale sign of an inclusive vendor is their avoidance of gendered language on intake forms. Instead of traditional labels like ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom,’ they may use ‘Partner 1’ and ‘Partner 2.’ Similarly, terms like ‘bridesmaids’ and ‘groomsmen’ may be replaced with ‘wedding party’ or ‘attendants.’ By asking about your ‘future spouse’ instead of assuming gender roles, these vendors demonstrate their commitment to honoring all couples. These subtle yet significant linguistic shifts create a welcoming environment where LGBTQ+ couples can truly celebrate their love. When selecting vendors for your special day, look for these small but meaningful gestures, as they often signify a vendor who prioritizes inclusivity and understanding.

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Inclusive vendors will ask thoughtful and respectful questions

Inclusive vendors understand the importance of asking for your pronouns and the title you prefer to be called during your wedding, whether it’s bride, groom, or something else entirely. They prioritize creating a comfortable environment by avoiding invasive or judgmental questions, ensuring that every interaction feels respectful and supportive. Moreover, inclusive vendors genuinely celebrate your love story and are eager to collaborate with you to create a memorable and inclusive wedding experience. From the initial consultation to the final details, partnering with vendors who prioritize inclusivity guarantees a wedding day that truly reflects your unique identity and celebrates your love authentically.

Your vendors are recommended by other LGBTQ+ couples

To assess a vendor’s LGBTQ+ friendliness it will be best to consult feedback from past LGBTQ+ clients and look for online reviews from LGBTQ+ couples. Another helpful tip is to request referrals to previous LGBTQ+ clients for direct feedback. It will also never hurt to seek recommendations from LGBTQ+ couples in your community about vendors who provided exceptional service for their weddings!

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