As 2020 was a turning year for most of us, it is the year that made me realize that my love for this industry was greater than any business would ever recognize it. And that is how The Main Event by Kelly was born. 

While building this business from scratch, I took of lot of time thinking about what I wanted it to be. I reflected on what my own, as well as my business core values would be (find them here!), and what I hoped my clients would say about me. I knew that I wanted to impact not only their wedding day, but their also lives. I thrive to be different, unique, and authentic. I crave real connections, friendships, and above all, my ultimate goal is to help you create your own uniquely beautiful wedding or event.  

If we’ve met or talked on the phone, you probably noticed pretty quickly my biggest characteristic: My accent. Et oui, I’m French! I was born and raised in Provence, and moved to the United States to follow my dream of becoming a wedding planner. I’m happy to tell you the whole story of my journey at some point but I don’t think that’s why you’re here, so here is what you need to know: 

I am - obsessed - with the wedding & events industry. It is the only thing I know and if I had to pick another job, it would most likely still be related to weddings.


Hi friend!
Or should I say                




My favorite movies are Titanic and A Star is Born


I met my husband on Tinder


My first job was as a Camp Counselor


I bought my wedding dress at Forever 21


I have 9 piercings and 4 tattoos #RebelTeenager


I would choose the mountains over the ocean

(especially with snow I can snowboard on)


I am a mom of 2 boys


I used to be a professional contemporary dancer

What makes you special? What makes you happy? What is your love story? 


Alright, enough about me, now let’s hear about